Who We Are

The MN Green Schools Coalition is a network of the state’s strongest advocates leading the charge for healthy learning environments for our children while inspiring environmental stewardship in students of all ages. Working together coalition members strive to help students, teachers, families, and school representatives LEARN MORE, TAKE ACTION, and MOVE FORWARD in the continuum of high performing schools – saving energy, resources, and money while fostering environmental education supporting a greener, healthier future for all.

Born of a passion for community health and sustainability along with a desire to transform where and how students learn, USGBC volunteers formed the MN Green Schools Coalition in 2011. Through regular discussions on topics including new school construction, critical retrofits of existing facilities, green cleaning, metrics-based programs to track energy consumption and experiential learning opportunities for teachers and students, the Coalition began working to shape the classroom of the future and fundamentally change the way Minnesota students learn about the world around them. Now a thriving network of nearly 40 organizations and over 200 individuals, the coalition supports initiatives nation-wide to ensure a brighter, healthier, greener schools, students, and communities.

Wondering how to get started or how to continue greening your school? Let us help. Our infrastructure of industry leaders and continuum of programs, projects, and resources can help you take your 1st step or your 101st toward a healthier learning environment.

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